Frequently Asked Questions
What is immunotherapy?

Cancer immunotherapy is the new generation of cancer therapeutics, which aims to activate the body’s own immune system to identify, seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Our immune system can recognize and fight cancer, but cancer cells often escape detection and destruction by the immune system by releasing immunosuppressive substances that inhibit immune responses.

The aim of cancer immunotherapy is to both disarm the tumor’s ability to block an immune attack as well as to activate anti-tumor immune responses.  

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Immunostimulatory gene therapy

One type of cancer immunotherapy is called immunostimulatory gene therapy.

By genetic engineering of the tumor to express human immunostimulatory genes, it will attract immune cells and support them with activation signals leading to tumor immunity.

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What is an oncolytic virus?

An oncolytic virus is a recombinant virus that has been genetically modified in a laboratory to specifically replicate in tumor cells. At the end of the replication cycle, the oncolytic virus kills the tumor cell to release new virions (virus particles).

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How can I participate in clinical trials using LOAd viruses?

Please read the information in “For patients” to learn more about our trials and how to participate.

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Can I get a cold from the LOAd viruses?

The LOAd viruses are genetically disabled to cause infection in healthy individuals. Hence, the LOAd viruses does not cause infection resulting in a “common cold” in humans like wildtype adenoviruses do.

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Is LOAd703 a GMO?

Yes, LOAd viruses are considered genetically modified organisms (GMO) as they have a changed genome through gene technology so they cannot replicate and cause infection in normal cells and so they express human immunostimulatory genes.

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