Join us in the fight against cancer

Join us in the fight against cancer

Are you interested in being part of a growing team involved in developing the next generation of cancer immunotherapeutics? Do you have extensive professional experience within immunotherapy, oncology, gene therapy, quality control, pharmacovigilance, data management, project management, and/or good clinical practice?
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“I met Angelica back in 2011 when I started my master thesis project in her group at Uppsala University. After finishing my thesis, I stayed in the group, first as a research assistant and later as a PhD student. My PhD project revolved around the preclinical investigation of an immunostimulatory gene therapy for pancreatic cancer which involved different oncolytic viruses. In the end after a research meeting involving a white bord full of notes and pros and cons for the different candidates, LOAd703 was picked as the candidate to move forward with.

I am grateful to have gotten this rare opportunity to keep on following the project after my PhD studies have finished, now as an employee at Lokon Pharma. It is a real privilege to see something that you have invested so much time in move from the preclinical setting to clinical investigation where patients are treated. Especially for indication with so few options as pancreatic cancer have. I believe that with the right help our immune system have the capacity to control and eradicate cancer and I hope that our virus can be one of those helpful things and that we can make a significant impact on someone’s life”.

Emma Eriksson, Head of R&D

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