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Next generation cancer immunotherapeutics

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Clinical trials


Phase I/II study for pancreatic cancer


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Phase I/II study for patients with pancreatic-, biliary-, ovarian-, and colorectal cancer.


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Phase I/II study for patients with malignant melanoma.


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The LOAd family includes a range of novel oncolytic viruses with different immunostimulatory genes that are currently being evaluated for mechanisms-of-action (MOA) and proof-of-concept (POC).

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For patients

If you live in the US and have pancreatic cancer or melanoma, you may be eligible for inclusion in our clinical trials LOKON001 or LOKON003. If you live in Sweden and have pancreatic cancer, melanoma, or ovarian cancer, you may be eligible for inclusion in our clinical trials LOKON002 or LOKON003. If you are interested to participate as a study patient in our trials, please, discuss with your treating physician.

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About Lokon

Lokon Pharma is a Swedish biotech company in the forefront of developing immunostimulatory gene therapy for cancer based on oncolytic viruses. Innovative gene engineering, solid expertise in cancer biology and immunology, as well as a genuine curiosity in life science expand Lokon’s pipeline towards groundbreaking new therapeutics for patients with high unmet medical need.

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